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The way businesses buy stuff is completely broken. And it’s slowing them down. We’re taking the hassle out of this process and getting employees what they need to get sh*t done.

Harry Thompson

Customer Lead

Harry joined Omnea in September 2023 to build the Customer function. His journey began in mechanical engineering with Mercedes F1 (he claims their downturn in form coincides mysteriously with him leaving). He then shifted to tech in 2020, joining Flow (an engineering-focused SaaS startup) at pre-seed initially in the Product team and then as Head of Operations and Chief of Staff during the initial buildout of the product through to contracts with leading engineering innovators such as Radiant, Phase Four, Universal Hydrogen, and many more.

Outside of work, Harry loves Formula 1, cooking inefficient overcomplicated meals, and reading (with an obsessively strict habit of alternating fiction and non-fiction).