We’re fixing it.

The way businesses buy stuff is completely broken. And it’s slowing them down. We’re taking the hassle out of this process and getting employees what they need to get sh*t done.

Jozef Kocur

Product Design Lead

Jozef joined Omnea in December 2022! He’s a designer who thinks like a Product Manager and is not afraid of data, strategy, business metrics or prioritisation.

Jozef joined Azimo in the early days and played a big part in their growth journey until they were acquired by Papaya Global, building the design team and redefining design’s role within the organisation focusing on data, research and impact. Prior to that, he worked at UI Centric where he led projects for top brands from media, entertainment and sports industries.

He lives in East London but being raised in rural Slovakia, he enjoys escaping to the countryside, mountain hikes and landscape photography. He’s a foodie and a self-proclaimed taco and sourdough expert.